Curating traditional arts, crafts and ethos in India

The twenty-first century is seeing a heightened curiosity in traditional Indian arts, crafts and literary engagements, among the urban, English educated, professional communities across the world. As this new era forges old experiences and new technologies, the Indian rasika seeks the uniqueness of an Indian aesthetic experience through diverse modes such as live performances, craft markets, films, books, travelogues and blogs on art, craft and ethos. Dakshina Dvaraka Foundation seeks to enhance this collective experience designing events, workshops and online resources that enable  grounded engagement with the living culture.

Dvara Hampi

The dvaara at Hampi

Curating Living Traditions

There is a certain translucence, a subtlety, about the experience of art and craft practice that cannot be adequately shared in words. Between an aesthetic production and our experience of it, stands the master artist or artisan and an accumulated collective intuition of centuries. As the master curates, beauty for the rasika, Dakshina Dvaraka Foundation curates this incredible journey of Indian art and craft passed on through the hands of the masters, through centuries. This gentle curation, a framing of the journey that we take together is symbolized in our logo that is inspired by this Hampi dvaara – the portal that frames the landscape. Since we are mostly from the southern regions we certainly are biased towards the southern scapes hence Dakshina Dvaraka, the Southern portals.

Sangita Kalanidhi R. Vedavalli
One of our Mentors

Mastery and Design

The creativity of the masters reaches beyond regional and linguistic identities, their discipline subsumes the duality of traditional and modern and the grace which is a result of years of mastery over material and design, produces beauty of a kind that moves us as a nation of rasikas. How do we get a glimpse of their intangible engagements with aspects of grammar, history, social ethos, philosophy, metaphysics? How do we take an appreciation of Indian aesthetics beyond culture and heritage and reach for beauty as a universal human experience. At Dakshina Dvaraka Foundation these questions are always at the core of designing every event and project for this is at the very core of the design of Indian aesthetics.


At our events, we meet master practitioners whose creative engagements are spiritual moments, artists whose memories are collective archives and we seek to create informed patrons, rasikas and critical beholders of traditional art practices, whose presence will carry forward the subtle core of the Indian aesthetic experience.

Ravindra Sharma
Sri Ravindra Sharma
One of our mentors
at Kalashram, Adilabad

Dakshina Dvaraka is a space for us to collectively explore the ‘subtle’ in our creative traditions

What we do

The foundation’s projects are aimed at

Research and archiving

Curated events, workshops and exhibitions

Dissemination through publications and production of audio-visual material

Supporting traditional practitioners and sustaining a dialogue on traditional arts practices and changing scenarios.